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Designed in London – Made in Italy – (Now lives in Nottingham)


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Working with brands is a real honour…so when Marokka invited me to collaborate with them, it was a big yes.  Marokka produce unique, luxury, hand finished geometric sculptures. In the range we have, Frank the bulldog, Gus the gorilla and Yorick the skull.  These modern sculptures are worked from the inside out. Taking them back to their DNA of their internal structures, engineered and crafted with passion.  All with the aim of bringing happiness to those who own one of these fabulous pieces, whilst caring for our environment. You could be looking at the next future design icon. What made my heart sing even more is the brands support for animal charities.  Marokka Design House gives 10% of all profits to charity.  Frank the Bulldog supports the charity called DOTS.dots dogs on the streets

“There are lots of plastic things in the world, so we wanted to know that if we made any more they’d be eco friendly, and people wouldn’t ever want to throw them away”   Marokka


Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 17.59.54

Gus the Gorilla, Commissioned by Broadgate.  Supporting the internationally renowned conservation charity The Aspinall Foundation.


Inspired by Marokka’s charity work and their three metre tall sculpture of Gus in an urban setting. (sculptures big and small) I challenged myself to take some extra content images of Frank against a suburban backdrop. Frank, walkies!…armed with only my iphone, we went on a walk to capture juxtapositions. Here are the results.

frank 4

frank 1

frank 6

frank 8

Characters with design aesthetics.

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