10 lights on a budget…great ideas for your home from ASDA

Asda lighting get the look without spending loads of money

I’m always on the look out for good affordable lighting and was pleasantly surprised what Asda had to offer.

Lighting your home is one of the most important key features in your space.  Get the lighting right and it will add atmosphere, style, ambience and a focal point. You don’t need to spend tons of money on lighting to get the perfect look.  Many high street shops and supermarkets are going that extra mile, giving us budget lighting and still keeping up with fashion to give us on-trend pieces.  My advice is to always shop around.  Look in bargain shops, search the web and never leave out your supermarkets because you may just find what your looking for but for half the price.  ASDA’s lighting at the moment is so worth a look and I hope your pleasantly surprised at what’s on offer.  Here are my ASDA’s top 10 lights on a budget.

Asda lighting. Industral look

Black Origami Cage Ceiling Light Fitting £15.00 | Letter A Lamp Gold £30.00 | Copper Effect Desk Lamp £20.00

My first 3 lights to enter the top 10 lights on budget are these fabulous ones. They are displaying the industrial style and the must have copper look.  Don’t you just love the black origami cage ceiling light and its playful open and close option.

asda lighting 2

Copper Effect Pineapple Table Lamp £20.00 | Copper Origami Pendant Light Shade £20 | Copper Effect and Glass Table Lamp £25.00 | Bulb String Lights £10.00

Next on the list are these beauties. My favourite is the quirky, in fashion, pineapple lamp. It gives off a great ambience of light through its little peep holes.  Also must mention the string lighting at the great price of £10.00.  These can be placed anywhere, around your bed frame, in your fireplace or to brighten up your office.  Make space for these!

asda lighting ideas, top 10

Rope Bound Pendant Light Shade £17.00 | Black Spot Light £15 | Silver Mosaic Pendant Light Shade £17.00

Finally we have these 3 to round up the top ten. They are modern with simple shapes and won’t go out of fashion.  Snug between the 2 ceiling pendants is the black spot light and this lamp with it retro twist looks more expensive than £15.00 and would look fab on a shelf or as a side table lamp for a boys room or even the office.

Hope eclectic-street has given you a taste of what you can find on a budget.  As you can see with my top 10,  ASDA have a pulse on what’s trending.  Keep your eyes peeled and a tight hold of your purse and you will be able to keep your style, without breaking the bank.

asda, get the look but on a budget

ASDA George…Lighting




  1. Thanks for the post this week, I casually took a look through your link to Asda and found a really lovely looking and unusual table lamp that will hopefully look lovely on my sideboard. I pick it up on Monday, so will let you know what I think.

    1. Yeahhh, thank you for letting me know. Please send me a photo through would love to see your table light.
      That’s great thanks Ellie

  2. I can’t believe these lighting options are from Asda… Just goes to show that the cheaper option does not necessarily look cheap!

    1. I know, I was really surprise, hence the post. Its good to know that if your on a budget you can still be on trend and style your pad.
      thanks Janine for leaving a comment 😉

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