IKEA are loud and proud……


Meet the new Designers at IKEA

IKEA is well known for collabrating with designers. Introducing Katie Eary a London-based menswear designer and her gobsmacking patterns to home furnishing, the GILTIG collection.  The images that accompany the products are fantastic, a colour overload and full of drama.


I always find children’s interiors can be left out when it comes to design. IKEA have produced a fun, limited edition, the GLODANDE collection with Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. Quoting from the IKEA page as I could not put it better myself  ‘His energetic and quirky imagination spreads across the collection like magic dust, mixing colour, patterns and prints in unpredictable ways.’

Both designers are bringing fun, the unusual and very unique styles to their collections, maybe its all down to fashion.


What a great idea from IKEA turning their hands at exhibiting art, in their words ‘the world’s largest public gallery’. 11 posters by 11 artists. I absolutely love the Y front skateboarder.




    1. I love the idea of bringing art to the high street…you can’t help but love the skateboarder in kitten heels, the humour is fab!

  1. I am currently looking for some storage boxes, for the top of my daughters wardrobe, and the new children’s ones will look great! Thank you x

    1. Hi Claire, you really can’t beat IKEA for storage boxes, with this new range you’ve got even more to choose from. Top tip don’t go to IKEA on the weekend if you can help it…busy busy busy. Happy shopping and thank you for your comment:)

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