I’m in love with a Green Velvet Sofa………

green sofa moodboard 1Can I tempt you to fall in love with a green velvet sofa.

I have fallen in love with the green velvet sofa.  How luxurious and special would your lounge feel with this great statement piece.  The lush colour of green would bring a soft touch of excitement and bags of style to the space. While the velvet fabric would entice and tempt you straight away to park your derrière.

3 fabulous green velvet sofasMade. com | Sofa.com | Barker and Stonehouse

Is it bad of me to encourage my two boys to bounce all over my old sofas? In an attempt to try and break them, gaining an excuse to go shopping.  The sad state of affair is that there is nothing wrong with my sofa’s, they will probably last another 10 years before they need replacing (keep bouncing boys!).  When the time does come to replace, my heart is set.  So to distract me from damaging property and the shopping cart, a mood board was created.  My other aim is to inspire and get you on board to join the green velvet club.

green velvet sofa mood board

I found some great pieces to put in the mood board. The sofa is from made.com. The fabulous rug is from La Redoute (you must check out these rugs they are a bargain and really popular). The cushions are from H&M Home and the floor lamp is from Dunelm. I chose black and white art prints from John Lewis to connect with the white accent pieces to bring harmony and flow from floor, table and wall. The white accent balloon dog is from Littlewoods at the great price of £19.00. Finally I have to mention the pouf that draws the eye back to the floor with a contrasting colour pop, as you know I do like a pouf.


Getting back to my favourite item from the mood board, the green sofa.  The colour green is not the first preference for many and should not be over looked. Why not have a green or mustard or bright pink sofa!  Green will go with most colours and even be a great partner to a snazzy wallpaper, a dark wall or nice tame walls of soft whites. Be adventurous and bring colour to your biggest piece of furniture. The green velvet sofa will sit proud in any setting if you choose the right accessories and companions.  The four images above have been selected from pinterest to give ideas on how you can achieve a great stylish look with this key piece of furniture.

Hope you will join the velvet green sofa club with me.

Clink on the links below for items from the mood board.

| Sofa, Made.com | Rug and Coffee Tables, La Redoute | Cushions, H&M Home | Prints, John Lewis  | |Floor Lamp, Dunelm | Pouffe, Asda | Palm, Lidl | Love Pink, Etsy | Balloon Dog, Littlewoods | Black and white basket, Naken |



  1. Love this article, as I absolutely love the green sofa trend,but I am just not brave enough to do it! Ikea have just started doing one, which is gorgeous, and a really great price!

    1. Thank you Kara, be brave and go for it 😉 I love the STOCKHOLM sofa from Ikea. The great news for you is that Ikea will refund you if your not happy and you get 365 days to make your mind up. You’ve got nothing to lose, if you don’t try you never know. (I’m sure it will look fab) let me know if you do buy… Sam:)

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