Let there be light…

david hunt1David Hunt Garbo 3 Light Bronze Pendent £199 -£240

I was only a click away from buying this beautiful light when I had a light bulb moment! (pardon the pun). Update my existing light fitting, so what I did was ordered 3 David Hunt Garbo Bronze shades at the cost of £48.00 to dress and replace the glass shades already in place. When it came to fitting the Garbo shades to my light fitting, it was not straight forward but a quick visit to my DIY store solved the problem. It took 3 copper coupling pipes from the plumbing section to enable my Garbo shades to marry onto the arms of the pendent.

From this to this….

light again 1

light again 2

I’m really pleased with the end result not only did I save money (no electrician needed either) I got the look I wanted and an individual bespoke light pendent.



  1. Think this looks fantastic, the light looks really expensive! Loving your blog, lot’s of great products and idea’s.

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