Ohhhh I do like a pouffe…..

collection of pouffe's
I have found 9 great pouffe’s for your home because every home should have one.

pouffe madhouse
 Mad about the house has got one. Thank you to Mad about the House for this fab photo.


Should it be spelt pouf or pouffe! This product is and continues to be a great conversation piece between me and my work colleagues…what is the correct way of pronouncing the word ‘pouffe’. The room has always been divided! I must say it does bring on the giggles with everybody’s own version of saying their comfortable footstool and seat. There are so many different styles to choose from, they come in every shape, colour and a variety of materials, ones that match the sofa and ones that standout as a statement. You will find it hard to find an interior photograph without a pouffe. One particular design has made a come back, the Moroccan style pouffe with its geometric patterns and timeless presence and the fabulous colours now available (featured in the interior photos above). So put a pouffe on your hit list as it can add style, that extra splash of colour, detail on a low level and a great way to rest your feet after a hard day.

collection of 9 pouffe's

1| MADE Blakes £199

2| ASDA Knitted pouffe yellow £39 (comes in loads of great colours)

3| ETSY/CoolSetter Square white cowhide pouf £316.75

4| SWOON Zebra chevron £99

5| WAYFAIR Sebastian pouffe £299.99

6| EASTUNIQUE Moroccan leather pink pouffe £69.99 (comes in loads of fabulous colours)

7| THELANDOFNOD Orchard pouf £50.02

8| THELANDOFNOD Shaggy white pouf £50.02

9| IKEA Hemtract pouffe £40


East Unique the home of the Moroccan Pouffe





  1. I really loved your previous article about different pouffes,and you actually inspired me to purchase one!Iabsolutely love it, myself and my husband use it as a much needed footstool, and the kids use it as additional seating. Thank you for your fantastic inspirational blog, I love it!☺

    1. I love that, I’m so pleased you were inspired…would love to see -send a photo through as I would love to include it on one of my next blogs!
      Thanks Sarah

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