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Here’s how to get hold of your own piece of design by Surface Designer, Olivia Aspinall

This is Olivia’s second appearance on my blog, YEAH. Only this time I wanted to tell you about Olivia Aspinall Studio Kickstarter Campaign.  Where you can buy, for the first time your own bit of design from an up and coming creative Designer.


The fabulous Surface Designer, Olivia has been very busy since I blogged back in June. Working on bespoke projects, meeting clients, making samples to send to places like the Material Lab in London to other destinations as far as the Netherlands.   To keep the momentum going, Olivia has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to be able to exhibit at the ‘Design Junction’ in London.  To fund the project Olivia has created some beautiful rewards, where you can purchase and get your hands on some fab unique designer pieces.  I was happy to get involved and I got myself some coasters!!

Olivia Aspinall coasters

Olivia Aspinall coasters

Kickstarter is very much like a shopping cart, if you like what you see, click and buy.  With that click, you will not only get your purchase (Kickstarter call it a reward) you’ll also be supporting the designer, so it’s a win win.  In Olivia Aspinall Studio reward shop you can purchase Coasters, Hexagonal Platters, Giclee Prints and even your very own Designer Table.

Olivia Aspinall Studio

Hexagonal Platter in Rebbe Colourway

Olivia aspinall studio

Giclee Print in Arlo Colourway

Kickstarter is a great platform for any up and coming Artists and Designers to be able to fund raise and achieve their goals. Olivia if successful will be able to cover the cost of exhibiting at ‘Design Junction’ during this year’s London Design Festival.  Shows like this are a vital way for a small brand and for small businesses to get noticed.  I wish you all the best Olivia x

neigbour Olivia

Click to be directed to the Olivia Aspinall Kickstarter Campaign




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