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We all like a bargain, so here are some money saving tips for online shopping

Sitting down with a cuppa, in the comfort of your home, armed with your phone, you start to look online (I do!!!) for those bits and bobs that you NEED, finishing touches or those must have items.  This post is going to be more of a confession for me as I’m addicted to window shopping on the web but not only that when I spot the perfect item I go on a mission before I press BUY.  That mission is to find a discount, searching for either a discount code, free delivery or even signing up to 10% of your order, there is always money off somewhere – you just have to find it.  Its takes about 10 minutes on average to find a discount but I’m like a dog with a bone I don’t give up until I find one.  So for example: I have selected items and they are waiting in my shopping cart, from H&M home, I will then open up a new window/tab and search for ‘discount code for H&M home June 2016’.  It brings up companies that specialise in codes and discounts and this is where you will need to spend 10 minutes to go through the different companies to find the code that works. I have not had a company that has been consistent to actually recommend as I’ve never used the same company twice,  but one website that’s always worth a look is


This can work with everything and anything from washing machines to days out, just be savvy and have a go. So if your like me and you love a bargain and nothing feels better than getting money off, start haggling online…



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