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Drinks Trolley’s

drinks trolley pinterestDrink Trolley’s, Macramé Plant Hangers and Animal Vases on trend interior key pieces.

Yes!! the bar in your living room is back! I remember my parents having a 70’s wood veneer drinks cabinet and opening the door to reveal the bottles, cocktail sticks and the posh cocktail glasses hanging in harmony on the back row against the decorative mirror on the back.  What a dramatic and flamboyant way to get your drink, beats going to my kitchen cupboard any day. The performance is back with this unique piece of furniture, the drinks trolley. Dressed to perfection with smart bottles, glasses, vase of flowers, it brings elegance, style and a great focal point of entertainment and personality to the room. This simple drinks trolley can be found in so many styles, colours, different shapes and sizes, wood, plastic, metal, even ones with wheels (they are trolley’s after all!) and the great thing is you can shop the second hand market to find some real bargains. Now wishing my parents had a trolley instead of a cabinet! If you like the trolley but not the alcohol aspect of display, use them as side tables, shelves its not just about having a trolley it’s how you dress it, I’ve seen them dressed beautifully with books, plants, flowers and not forgetting an ornament or two.

drinks trolley

Original 1955 Tea Trolley | Made.com, Cora £169 | Swoon Editions, Kenzi £279

Macramé Plant Hangers

Plant hanging

I am in love with this trend, the Macramé Plant Hanger, you’ve got to make room for one of these.  The best thing that’s hit interiors for a long time, (another blast from the past I know!) its a fab item to hang anywhere, no place in your home is out-of-bounds. The macramé plant hanger brings interest and life to an area that’s normally abandoned. Etsy is the best place to shop for these beauties but also hot on Etsy’s tail is amazon and Ebay. If your creative and like making, why not have a go at making one as there are plenty of DIY tutorials to be found on the web.

Plant hanging x3

Urbanara, £45 | John Lewis, £20 | Etsy, £4.70

Animal Planters and Vases

animal planters

Keeping on the same thread of plants and planters, we have another interior trend, animal planters and animal vases.  You’re sure to find an animal critter hiding on most high street shelves. Go minimal in design and choose an animal that’s all in white, simple and modern or go quirky with Graham & Green’s ceramic wall vases with either a polar bear or a zebra to name two.  It seems that all the trends I’ve spotted are reincarnations from the past and these animal planters are no exception, with a keen eye you can hunt down retro animal planters for that unique, one off item and have it on your shelf, don’t forget to take a shelfie…#shelfie.

animal planters 2

Graham & Green, £35 | H&M home, £24.99 | West Elm, £14.00 | Etsy, £33.35

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