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….Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘T’….

T for TV of course:) I’m always looking for inspiration and new products and trust me I’m never looking at TV’s. Then this happened and caught my eye…Samsung TV ‘The Frame’.  Interior designers all grind their teeth when it comes to the magic box. How to avoid it in photographs and how to style it in to the design. This big mass of black is getting bigger and it is a must have piece of kit for most homes. So how do we disguise it, well Samsung has produced a winner in my eyes and its called ‘The Frame’ this Samsung TV with it slim looks will convince anybody that it is a picture frame. Check out the image above, I mean can you tell art print from TV.  No more black void rectangles in your living rooms…just leave ‘The Frame’ in art mode and it displays art that fits seamlessly into the environment. Giving you a masterpiece of art work to enjoy. No more black voids, No more avoiding the TV in your interior photos.

tv again

Urban Vertical Gardens

plant header

Pantone announced the colour of the year 2017 is GREEN, it should have come with a sub heading saying ‘house plants’. Plants are everywhere and very on trend.  They soften edges and corners, bring interest and life to a room. Don’t be fussy and have one…NO…go wild and have a jungle.  Plants on the floor, hang them from the ceiling, tall plants to small cactus’s, the more the merrier. To compliment the plant craze I have noticed more and more vertical gardens with different ways to display plants in the home. Wall mounted vessels, poles with hanging plant pots, mesh and boxes that look like art…all to display greenery.  This might be the next feature wall your looking for!


Typography Prints

hell ya bb44

Typography is so big at the moment ‘Hell Yeah’.  Printed quotes being a hot favourite, stand alone numbers, ampersand ‘&’, city names to dictionary definitions. The choice is vast and offers everyone a word or quote that they can relate to. If you can’t find a print you like, a letter board is a quirky way to add typography to your space and allows you to be creative by adding your own quotes, shopping list or thought of the day. This letter board is on my wish list:) If you haven’t got typography in your home this is the time to do it ‘You Rock’…that’s another quote:)

Letter Board

Letter Board | Hilary and Flo £45.00 

Pictures are from Pinterest and Google

The Samsung TV The frame has been released in the USA and will hopefully be coming to the UK soon.

Vertical Wall | Urbio $192.00– Not cheap but I can see a DIY job coming on!


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