Sam's Mini Session 08.19

Welcome to eclectic-street


A BIG hello from me, Sam. Thought I should give you a little bit of a low down on me…

  The creative bug has been with me since I can remember – As a child constantly with a felt tip pen in hand and changing, faffing and styling my bedroom! Studied Art and Design subjects through out school and college and then my final education destination was getting my degree in Applied Arts.

(Do I start at the beginning with those Saturday jobs or the time I spent all summer working in a frozen food factory with my hair net and white wellies, Nooooo!). I’ll move straight here, where I started my career in the glamorous (not so glamorous) industry of Film & Television. I started at the bottom as a Runner and with hard work and dedication climbed to the positions of Art Director & St By Art Director. Here below are some of the productions I’ve been apart off…


After many many years in the film industry my career path changed to accommodate my little ones.  From Set Design to Interior Design.  I started designing commercial and then moved into residential. (In between slotting in a contract as an Interior Designer and Colour Design Consultant with Dulux. (Unfortunately I didn’t meet the Dulux dog).

Gosh, I’m still going…The last 3 years (along side working on independent projects) I’ve been working part time with an online Interior Company.  Where I bring designs to life, producing mood boards, concepts, shopping lists and computer generated visuals.

The benefit of being freelance is that am always adding strings to my bow.

Now to bring you up to date (in short)…

 Interior Designer & Content Creator (specialising in Photoshop)