My Boys Bedroom Challenge….

eclectic-street, boys room decor

This was my design challenge to bring my two (4 and 6 year old) boys into one room, bunk beds and not lose style or space.

eclectic-street, boys bedroom, bunk beds

Sorting out who sleeps where was becoming an issue and my boys were eager to share a room, not only that but they wanted BUNK BEDS. I’m not a fan of bunk beds so I needed to come up with a plan/design. To my delight I found a design that would work in the space without compromising style and would suit both boys.  To get started on the design a trip to Ikea was needed, extra wood, screws from Wickes and help from my Dad (DIY Saviour/Engineer) to bring the idea to life . We set to work building the bed frames which were assembled and adapted from the Ikea Bunk Bed set (Ikea Hack) as it was the cheapest and easiest way to get hold of the materials. We couldn’t do the whole design from what came out of the Ikea box, so extra wood was needed for the ladder, headboards and safety rail. The frame for the top bed needed to be attached and secured to the wall with big masonry screws, this is where you really do need someone who knows what they are doing. The days build was a success and the total cost £170.

This design is great for a standard double bedroom it actually gives the illusion of more space in the room because of the way the beds are positioned. Cheating space. The youngest has the bottom bed, ‘The Den’ and my eldest has the top bed, ‘King of the Castle’.

eclectic-street boys bedroom decor

I do love an upcycle project the desk was also an Ikea Hack and was built from a shelving unit.  The shelves have been with me since my Uni days and when I moved they were placed in the garage for storing paint tins.  With a bit of planning and some TLC the desk was built and painted achieving an industrial rustic look and perfect for the boys.  Anything the boys add to it, dents, pen marks and those dreaded stickers, it will certainly add to its charm.

FullSizeRender [13148]

These letters are made out of old pallets and the star came from Matalan.

eclectic-street, boys bedroom decor

The two trunk boxes are from Homesense and I’ve added travel stickers from Amazon to give it that travelled look.


The décor has been done to grow with them and I’m sure I will add and remove as they grow up.  With putting them in the same room, here’s hoping they don’t argue, fight and mess around too much. Boys will be boys!


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