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Hello and thank you for browsing through my blog. Thought I should give you a little bit of a low down on me…

  The creative bug has been with me since I can remember – As a child constantly changing, faffing and styling my bedroom! Interior design, art, drawing, making and designing became my staple.  I’m definitely eclectic in taste, having a love for all styles, from modern to classic to bohemian to mid century – I take inspiration from all the design genres. I enjoy finding a bargain and also making/adapting objects to fulfil a brief (both of which are very satisfying) and you can always find me doing a spot of DIY.

My career movement was in the glamourous (not so glamourous) industry of Film & Television. I started at the bottom as a Runner and with hard work and dedication climbed to the positions of Art Director & St By Art Director. Here below are some of the productions I’ve been apart off…


My career path changed when I started a family and my devotion was dedicated to bringing up my two boys and the husband :).  So work needed to fit in with the family and I continued to be creative, one of my strings to my bow is graphics and I produce such things as logos, signage, posters and wedding invitations. Other strings I have added was a project that I did in 2015 for an Award Winning Estate Agents, Onwards and Upwards. I designed and project managed their new flagship high street shop from derelict beginnings to spanking new, that broke away from the traditional, expected way an estate agent should look.  I also had a lovely contract as an Interior and Colour Design Consultant and worked with Dulux.  The benefit of being freelance is that your always adding strings to your bow.

Now to bring you up to date…
This is where my Blog begins…I will share my home projects, interior must haves, high street trends, mood boards, local designers, my love of art and of not forgetting inspirational interiors.

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Phew pleased I’ve finished saying that 🙂